Have to admit -- hcaptcha is very creative with these questions

@mud @system @r8 Everyone has been unbanned now.

I admit it was my fault for banning them, I probably should've warned first.

Reputation will stay wiped for now for the users who were abusing the reputation system though.

@system @r8 You aren't the only person who was banned. We are trying to improve our forum by cleaning up the reputation system. People will just try to keep doing it if they know they'll only ever get warned.

@josh Maybe try this, they'd probably be happy to have you. patriotmobile.com/

@josh Does it need to be a US Number? Just find some random African country and use a number from there. They hate gay people in a lot of parts of Africa after all

@josh maybe you should require email verification for accounts that haven’t been logged into for over 1 year. Would avoid a lot of the accounts that get hacked being used for making kiwifarms look bad

Sorry if email activation stopped working for a bit. Should be resolved momentarily. We hit a hard-limit on daily emails that I thought we wouldn't hit. Just updated the value so it should be good now.

@graf Ah alright. Sounds good then. I believe it's working fine for us so should be good.

Thanks again.

@graf Another quick question, if we are running Mastodon should we still use the /actor endpoint? From what I've seen from others using git.pleroma.social/pleroma/rel, they usually suggest using /inbox for Mastodon instances.

I.e: en.relay.friendi.ca/

Just want to be certain. Thanks.


It doesn't seem that we get added to the list if we subscribe to relay.fedi.agency/inbox

en.relay.friendi.ca/ & federation.stream/ are reflecting us on their lists just fine.

Issue on my end or yours?

@Doxbin what’s the point of it on here? To feel special?

I won’t be giving anyone those dumb verification badge thingys, sorry

Matrix server now open -- Apologies for the delay.

You can register here: element.a.sc/#/register

Only requires email verification. Use a tempmail if you want to stay anonymous.

Mine is @admin:a.sc


Anything goes, just follow the law.

@josh Buy your own country then you get your very own ccTLD

@Ashenthorn @josh Pretty sure webmasters are allowed to request their domain to be excluded (Don't know if that is what happened with near.sh, just speculation)

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