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if you let a company you pay allow a third party to not only have your content pulled but also wrtie the public statement for you, you deserve to be shut down
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>they're ddosing everything
I can feel your anger. It gives you focus, makes you stronger.

Got an old Google Pixel device?

Install the most secure OS for Android: grapheneos.org/

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@uneased Another problem is that this sets a dangerous precedent for the removal of the evidence against those who do wrong for others, by "totes organic and grassroots individuals looking to make a change," when they're really backed by American State Media.

So you have people who do wrong (the Government), covering for people who have also done wrong (Keffals), and the Government figures that in these volatile times that if they back these degenerates through their intelligence arm (the media), they can kill two birds with one stone and destroy free speech as well as setting a precedent for things being removed for "being dangerous."

As a sociocultural victory, since they're backing trannies and fucking LOVE that shit since so much money goes through tranny meds and surgeries and therapies and all that, they also help make trannies become a protected class (another bank to withdraw from via their involvement in medical money).
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I was thinking in re opening my twitter account and pomp brings another service. Lets make a.sc :) - Fuck twitter.

A Mastodon instance.. how neat.

Can't wait for the XMPP service, Pom.


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